Polaroid Blue

polaroid compilation.png

The first thing I pack for my summer vacation is my Instax 210 Polaroid Camera. It's big and bulky and takes up loads of room in my suitcase. It costs £20 for 20 photographs which may or may not turn out, as the photographs success are totally dependent on exactly the right amount of light as the picture is being taken. So why on earth do I bother?

Using Polaroid is the visual equivalent of buying music on Vinyl. Yes, it's limiting, more expensive and completely impractical however, there is an attraction to actually holding a physical object, something tangible that you can share, (show off with). There are other similarities. The crackle of the Vinyl and anticipation of what is to come hits a similar spot to the 'click' and 'hum' as your Polaroid picture ejects...a blank canvas, a slice of time captured that has now become a slice of history, and it's about to appear in front of your eyes. 

And the blues...A blue that instantly frames time differently, a blue that takes you to the 1970's (I wasn't born until 1976 so I can't exactly recall this period), a blue that digital photography just can’t capture. There, I've said it.

To be honest, I do still snap with my smartphone on holiday, but nowhere near as much, and as a result, I spend a lot less time thinking about, and reaching for my phone. Also, my wife is a professional photographer, so I know that precious moments will be expertly captured. But using my Instax 210 has sharpened my skills when considering composition, light and becoming more selective about when to snap and when to just enjoy the moment.

daniel davidson