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Our expert printmakers based in the southeast of England use archival quality, museum-grade fine art papers, canvases and pigmented inks to produce outstanding reproductions from Colour of Music hi- resolution digital files.

Giclée fine art printing creates an incredibly delicate stream of archival quality ink in a fine dot pattern, resulting in vivid pure colour, exceptional detail and the most stable colour printing process available today. In combination with our archival quality, acid-free papers and stretched cotton canvases, our giclée prints are gallery quality, suitable for exhibition display and sale as high-end fine art prints. We use ICC colour management to calibrate our advanced print equipment to print faithful, consistent reproductions from hi-resolution digital files.

The term giclée is a word meaning “to spray”. The pigmented ink in giclée printing is precisely and delicately sprayed onto the canvas or paper in a very fine array of dots that allows intense, pure colours to be reproduced. We take pride in the consistency of colour and detail in every print we produce and in the same attention to detail we bring to helping our clients.

The Paper: 

Décor Watercolour Art 

The generous watercolour type texturing and lightweight of this archival digital fine art paper make it ideal for producing open editions of art prints aimed at the décor art market.

Weight: 245gsm
Material: Alpha Cellulose mix
Coating: Matte
Surface Texture: Rough Textured Watercolour Paper

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